Equipping Classes


Grow deeper in God's Word

Equipping classes are a way for our church to grow deeper in God’s Word. Classes take place on Wednesday nights at 6:45 p.m. Please note that some classes require the purchase of books for the study.

Starting Jan. 17: 

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  • Financial Peace – We will walk participants through the practicalities of getting out of debt, saving money, and being a good steward of everything God has given us. Led by Don McDaniel, Room E103. The book costs $50, which you can purchase at the time of registration.
  • Jesus & ________: Ten Revealing Truths About Jesus – Each week we will walk through what Jesus taught about such topics as money, prayer, and the law. Led by Chet Harvey, Room E102
  • Five Lies Of Our Anti-Christian Age (women only) – Each week we will walk together through Rosaria Butterfield's new book Five Lies of Our Anti-Christian Age. The book and study guide are available through the church bookstore or online at all major book retailers. Led by Tara Dowden, Room E100
  • Outdoorsman's Ministry – The Outdoorsmen's Group meets on the first and third Wednesdays to eat together, fellowship, have devotionals, and discuss various outdoors recreation activities. The group often has a guest speaker on such topics as fly fishing, mountain biking, hunting, and camping. Led by Danny Cronan and John Bailey, Room G105
  • First Place 4 Health (women only) – First Place 4 Health looks at physical health from a biblical perspective, combining spiritual wisdom with practical insight on living a healthy lifestyle. Participants can purchase books through the First Place 4 Health website. Led by Becky Bugg, Room D110
  • The Worry-Free Parent: Living in Confidence So Your Kids Can Too (women only) – Each week we will walk through Sissy Goff's new book "The Worry-Free Parent," learning how manage stress, model confidence, and develop deeper connections with our children. Book is available for purchase from all major retailers. Led by Anna Harvey, Room E106

Additional Options:

  • Hebron Espanol: Estudio Biblico y Oracion (B100; 6:45 p.m.)




  • Midweek for middle school and high school students (6-8 p.m.)

Grow deeper in God's Word

We are providing recordings of the classes for each study so you may listen if you are unable to make it to a class or if you just need to hear it again.