Foster Care & Adoption

Family is God’s design for our good and His glory.

In our fallen world, sin has fractured the family and sometimes home is no longer a safe place. There are more than 400,000 children in the foster care system in America. 12,000 of these children are in Georgia and 500 will stay in hotels tonight because there’s not enough foster homes to care for them.

Throughout scripture we read that Jesus cared deeply for the orphaned and vulnerable. Through the Body of Christ, the Church, families can be redeemed and restored. Please pray about how you can be involved in Foster Care & Adoption Ministry at Hebron.


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Ministry Opportunities

Book Bags for Middle Schoolers

Book bags for Middle School foster children! We have committed to Gwinnett County DFCS that Hebron Church’s faith family will provide 80 book bags stuffed with school supplies. Learn more about this opportunity in the church lobby or in Concourse B Sunday mornings. Backpacks will be collected throughout the month of June!

Foster Care Prayer Call-In

7 a.m. for 15 minutes every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month

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Join us for a prayer call-in for the vulnerable children in Foster Care, Bio Families, Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents, Child Welfare Professionals, Hebron Foster Care Ministry, Counselors & Therapists, Teachers, Lawyers & Judges, Law Enforcement Officers, Kinship/Friendship Caregivers, Respite Care Providers, and Foster Care Advocates.

Foster Care 101

Foster Care 101: Join us on September 8 to learn more about becoming foster/adoptive parents or how you can serve our foster families and the local community. WinShape Homes will provide lunch and training!

Awareness Event Organizer

Once or twice a year, the event organizer will lead a pajama drive, diaper drive, or snacks for social workers.

Care Community Participant

Care Community members surround our families with foster care and/or adopted children to partner with them as they parent children from hard places. Each team has a group of people who commit to various tasks that just help lighten the load for the family and support them well. Care Community member training is provided as needed throughout the year.

Care Portal Participant

Care Portal is an incredible opportunity for Hebron Church to help meet local needs of foster families AND those parents at risk of losing children because of financial struggles or housing insecurity. Hebron Church members can help meet needs directly through the Care Portal app. We offer training for those members who would be interested in responding to needs physically and engaging the community through service and preemptive measures that help keep children with their parents and family. Care Portal training is provided as needed throughout the year for Care Portal Response Team Members. Sign up to receive emails of vetted physical needs for foster, biological, and kinship families within 15 minutes of Hebron.